Building a Strong Math Program

Are you a teacher, school, or district administrator? This free guide is for you.

Over 50% of students entering two-year colleges and 20% enrolling in four-year institutions are being diverted into remedial math classes.

From racial, ethnic, and income achievement gaps to CCSSM implementation, we continue to face serious challenges in mathematics education.

Every day, we talk to math teachers, administrators and district officials. We created a guide to help you improve the teaching and learning of mathematics in your school or district. 


Want to build a stronger K-12 math program? This guide includes:

  • Information about the relevance and importance of a shared administrator-teacher leadership team

  • Suggestions for establishing high math standards and rigorous learning goals

  • Resources and strategies to maximize teaching for conceptual understanding and developing procedural fluency in mathematics

We know time is short, and so is this guide. We’ve selected only the most relevant information and tips along with resources, and links to guide you in building a strong math program.

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