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Case Study: Meeting the Needs of Special-Education Students in Mathematics 


Tracy Baines teaches reading and mathematics to 20 seventh and eighth grade special-education students in Luverne, Alabama. Because she teaches both subjects, ensuring that each of her students receives individual support is challenging.

Download the case study to see how Tracy uses LearnBop to help her special-education students achieve real growth in mathematics.

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White Paper: Tackling the 2 Sigma Problem: Effective Personalization in K-12 Mathematics


The 2 Sigma Problem found that students who recieve tutoring perform better than 98% of students who don't. How can we replicate the impact of one-on-one tutoring for every student?

Download the white paper to see how LearnBop is tackling the 2 Sigma Problem in mathematics.

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Case Study: New Jersey Teachers Use LearnBop to Track Student Growth In Mathematics 


Seventh grade math teachers Kristi Malanoski and Tracy Cwiakala at Clifton Barkalow Middle School in Freehold Township, New Jersey, use LearnBop to track individual student growth in mathematics throughout the school year.

Download the case study to see how Ms. Malanoski and Ms. Crwiakala saved an average of 40 hours per semester and demonstrated student growth using LearnBop.

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Case Study: Brooklyn Students Achieve 96% Pass Rate on State Exams 


A group of 50 middle school students at Middle School 385 in Brooklyn, NY went from a 40% pass rate on the math portion of NY's Common Core state assessment to a 96% pass rate the second year using LearnBop to prepare.

Download the case study to learn how they achieved these results.

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Case Study: Missouri Teacher Personalizes Math Instruction with LearnBop 


Instructor Denice Warden teaches mathematics to sixty fifth through eighth grade students every day in the Oregon-Howell RIII School District.

Download the case study to see how Ms. Warden uses LearnBop to help personalize math instruction for her students.

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White Paper: Efficacy Study finds LearnBop Makes Big Impact on Student Outcomes 


A recent efficacy study found that LearnBop helped students achieve 7-9 percentile points more growth on post-assessments. 

Download the white paper to learn how.

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