1. Choose a Learning Roadmap

To get started learning, you'll first choose a “Learning Roadmap" for your child, a curriculum arranged by grade level or math subject, covering 3rd-12th grade math.


Choose a Roadmap

2. Identify Knowledge Gaps

Once the Learning Roadmap is chosen, students complete a quick Warm-Up for each unit that identifies any missing knowledge the student will need to catch up on.

LearnBop personalizes the student's Roadmap so they can focus on the concepts they need most.


Roadmap Progress
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3. Learn and Master Concepts

As students work through their Learning Roadmap, they'll learn from thousands of instructional videos before practicing interactive math problems.

Every math problem comes with step-by-step guidance that provides contextual hints and custom feedback to help students understand where they went wrong.


Master Problems Step by Step

4. Build Confidence

As students begin to master math concepts, they can track progress easily over time—building confidence along with their math skills.

Learning Achievements reward students for good learning habits, not just drill-and-kill success, teaching a growth mindset.


Mastery Progress
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5. Get Real-Time Insight

Our intuitive dashboards, progress reports, learning activity, and mastery graphs allow parents to easily track their child's progress in math—giving real-time insight into exactly where their child stands

Parents can rest assured and watch their child grow with just one hour of LearnBop a week.


Dashboard Insight

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