LearnBop Assessments

Assess your students quicker and more accurately than ever.

  • Comprehensive Assessments, created by our team of expert math educators, allow you to assess your students quickly based on their grade-level. They take less than five minutes to assign!
  • Custom Assessments allow you to build your own custom assessment in minutes—with the math concepts, questions, and difficulty of your choice.
Overview of Class Results for an Assessment

Get immediate results in real-time—so you can know exactly what your students don't.

  • At-a-glance overview of class performance across all concepts assessed.
  • Detailed reports by concept with actionable insight.
  • Individual reports for every student show each response to every question, time spent, and which concepts need further intervention.
Overview of Class Results for an Assessment

Let LearnBop automatically assign the concepts each student needs the most.

You can set LearnBop to automatically assign recommended concepts based on student performance, or take manual control and assign the recommended concepts as you see fit.

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