Problem Statement

Every incorrect answer becomes a learning opportunity.

Most math software simply moves on to the next question when students answer incorrectly, but LearnBop helps students learn from mistakes, much as a math tutor would, breaking difficult problems down into smaller steps.

  • Encourages growth-mindset
  • Students learn how to problem-solve
  • Students build mastery and confidence
Step-by-Step: Guided Hints and Contextual Videos

Students get instant and contextually-relevant math help.

  • Guided Hints help trigger prior knowledge, allowing students to connect the dots between concepts they may already know and the problem at hand.
  • Instructional Videos provide immediate tutorials on relevant math concepts, giving students the tools to solve the problem on their own.
Step-by-Step: Guided Hints and Contextual Videos

Learn from mistakes with custom feedback—and try again.

Instead of simply showing students the correct answer and allowing them to move on, we provide custom feedback for every incorrect response.

Students then try to solve the problem again, allowing them to learn from their mistakes in real-time and encouraging perseverance.

Step-by-Step: Detect Missing Concepts Missing Prerequisite Detected

Detect missing concepts, both at and below grade-level.

Because every step of every problem is connected to a standards-aligned math concept, LearnBop can quickly and seamlessly identify when students are missing prerequisite concepts.

Teachers can intervene with just one click, helping students close knowledge gaps right away.

With LearnBop, students master concepts in just one week on average.

Watch your students close knowledge gaps, master math concepts, and build their confidence faster than ever.

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