Future Ready: An Introductory Guide for Superintendents

Are you considering signing the Future Ready pledge, but want more information?
This guide is for you.

What is Future Ready, and why are superintendents across the country getting involved?

We know you have a lot on your plate, which is why we created this short, actionable guide to give you the most essential information.

In this 4-page guide, we explain Future Ready, tell you why you might want to sign, and cover:

  • Funding sources for technology and broadband
  • The concrete benefits of signing
  • Brass tacks about the Future Ready pledge

We know time is short, and so is this guide. We kept it at just four pages, with condensed explanations and carefully curated lists of essential tips, resources, and links to help you understand more about the pledge and make an informed decision.

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Why did we create this guide?

We believe that the intelligent use of technology has the potential to help every single student move forward with their learning, and the Future Ready initiative is helping to make this a reality.