Be a more effective teacher with LearnBop as your aide.

  • LearnBop helps every student with each individual problem they attempt.
  • LearnBop tutors students step-by-step when they solve the problem incorrectly.
  • LearnBop gathers data on prerequisite skills gaps.
  • LearnBop organizes students into small groups based on the data and even suggests interventions you can assign.

Implement Learnbop in 5 Easy Steps


Teach a lesson.

Begin by teaching a math concept in the classroom just as you traditionally would.

Teach Lesson

Assign concept.

In LearnBop, assign the concept you've just taught in class to your students.

Assign Concept

Review intervention data.

LearnBop measures student performance while they work on assignments and recommends interventions.

Assign Concept

Assign interventions.

Use LearnBop to assign necessary interventions and/or teach in small groups in the classroom.

Assign Intervention

Reward Mastery!

With LearnBop, students master math concepts in one week on average. Reward their mastery in the classroom!

Happy Students!

LearnBop is scientifically proven to improve math performance up to 66% more than the traditional classroom experience alone.

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With LearnBop, students master math concepts in just one week on average.

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