With LearnBop, teachers can give every single student the math support they need.

LearnBop is proven to help students achieve up to 9 percentile points more learning gains in math than peers learning in a traditional classroom setting—with just one hour of use a week.

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How does LearnBop help math teachers?

LearnBop allows teachers to meet every student exactly where he or she is in the learning process.

Assess students quickly and assign exceptional interactive math content, 100% standards-aligned.

  • Create assessments in less than 5 minutes with our comprehensive question bank.
  • Assign thousands of step-by-step K-12 interactive math problems authored by award-winning math educators.

Give every student personalized math help with instant step-by-step tutoring.

  • Built on proven learning science.
  • Guided hints, video, and adaptive feedback teach students how to solve problems on their own.

Uncover missing prerequisites to close knowledge gaps.

  • Every step of every problem is tagged with a core concept, detecting missing prerequisites seamlessly while students learn.
  • Differentiate instruction and intervene instantly to close knowledge gaps and keep your classroom on pace.

How does LearnBop help students?

With LearnBop, every student can improve their math performance with just one hour a week.

Get instant personalized help with our step-by-step learning system.

  • Complex problems are broken down into smaller more manageable steps—a proven tutoring technique.
  • Students can work at their own pace and get instant contextual hints, video, and adaptive feedback .

Master concepts faster than ever and close knowledge gaps.

  • LearnBop significantly improves math performance in just one hour a week.
  • Students can easily get ahead or catch up on missing prerequisities—both at and below grade-level.

Learn perseverance and build confidence with a growth mindset.

  • Unlike drill-and-kill problems, LearnBop encourages students to break the problem down and perservere towards the solution.
  • Students build confidence while learning how to solve problems on their own.

Proven in the Classroom

Students using LearnBop show up to 66% more growth of their math performance than the traditional classroom experience.

90% of teachers who try LearnBop would recommend it to other teachers.

Using LearnBop, students master math concepts in just one week on average.

"LearnBop is a great diagnostic tool. It provides immediate feedback that allows me to differentiate instruction. But the best part is the students love it!"

—Janice Aliotti, Math Coordinator for Salinas Union High School District, CA

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