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That's right. More than four months of full access to thousands of dynamic math problems with state standard-aligned content, that respond in real-time to student input. Set up your class in a few minutes, and get actionable data in as little as one hour of use.



More than 98% of the teachers who try LearnBop recommend it, according to a product insight report from EdSurge.

LearnBop uses a  step-by-step Socratic dialogue to help students  find the answer to math problems on their own.


Developed in 2011 for schools nationwide, LearnBop is currently part of math instruction in 350 schools in 17 states across the country.


Schools that use LearnBop benefit from:


  • Thousands of interactive Bops covering K-12 mathematics, aligned to the CCSSM and Texas' TEKS with more state alignments in process!


  • Actionable data on your students' concept mastery and knowledge gaps is as little as one hour of use.


  • Personalized interventions for every student, making it easier to create more of a 1:1 teaching experience.


Meet Janice Alliotti, a LearnBop User



“LearnBop is a great diagnostic tool,” says Janice Aliotti, a math teacher and department chair at Alisal High School in Salinas, CA. Aliotti uses LearnBop during class time once or twice a week—both before presenting a new concept to see if her students have the prior knowledge needed for the lesson, and as a quiz after the lesson to see how well the students understand the concept. “It provides immediate feedback that allows me to differentiate instruction.”

"The LearnBop dashboard makes it easy to manage the classroom," Aliotti explains. When she clicks on a student’s name, she can see which standards the student has mastered and which ones he or she is struggling with. She can also click on a standard and see a list of all the students who are struggling with it.


Case Study: MS 385 in Brooklyn, NY


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Textbook_imageP.S. Did you know LearnBop content aligns with Glencoe Math, Digits, and Big Ideas Math?