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What Is LearnBop?

LearnBop is an interactive learning system for K-­12 mathematics.

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What makes LearnBop unique?

LearnBop is the only math learning system that responds to a student’s answers step-­by-­step as a tutor would, helping students master math skills. Studies have shown that one­-on-­one tutoring can help students learn up to twice as fast. The step­by­step approach was created to mirror the personalized learning experience that a student has with a tutor, where a student is led through the mathematical concepts needed to understand the concept originally assigned.

Because every step is tagged with a concept, data on student performance is collected in real-time while students learn. This data is presented to teachers in dashboard reports immediately available at the end of each session, and is incredibly valuable for teachers, who would otherwise have to administer time-consuming diagnostics to know where their students’ knowledge gaps lie.

With LearnBop, students receive scaffolded support in learning the math skills they need to move forward.

The impact of data

LearnBop’s data reporting provides a complete picture of a student’s knowledge gaps related to a given math problem. This data helps teachers personalize the learning experience for every student, enabling them to ensure students are studying the math concepts most important for them in order to successfully move forward with their learning.

Students also get access to in­depth data, as well as a mastery graph at the end of each session to show them how far along they are toward mastering a given concept. All of this data takes the guesswork out of learning, and helps support each individual student.

Our vision

LearnBop was created to help close the achievement gap in mathematics. When students are given quality resources and close, personalized support, they can move forward with their learning at an impressive rate. Our goal is to help teachers give students those resources and support.

LearnBop’s interactive system was inspired by Benjamin’s Bloom’s famous “2 Sigma Problem,” which demonstrated that students who receive one­on­one instruction in a controlled environment perform up to two standard deviations (or 2 sigma) better than students who learned in a conventional classroom setting. To put that in clear terms, those students who received tutoring did better than 98% of the students who didn’t.

A 98% difference is amazing—but hiring a private tutor for every single student everywhere just isn’t financially feasible. Yet, thinking about these powerful results and how to replicate them in a cost­effective way to give every student access to resources that meet their individual needs, was the starting place for the brainstorming that eventually led to the creation of LearnBop.

But before Benjamin Bloom and the step­by­step approach, LearnBop started as an idea held by co-­founder and current CEO Bharanidharan Rajakumar. Bharani wanted to make high quality educational support available to every student everywhere. Knowing this was a tall task, he decided to start by focusing on mathematics, which he sees as the key to his own professional success, and which he knew would be so important to today’s students that are facing an ever­increasing demand for STEM­related expertise.

At an early age, Bharani recognized the inequities in education – while some kids received close, one-on-one instruction, others struggled in crowded classrooms with minimal teacher contact.   Though he attended a magnet school where the majority of students were below grade level, he was fortunate to be able to take part in the school's International Baccalaureate (IB) program. 

The opportunities he was afforded in high school allowed him to receive a good higher education, and to pursue a career on Wall Street. But he found a strong desire to give back, and felt himself pulled into doing something that would have a positive impact on young people. “I loved my job,” he says, “but I wanted to do so much more, and I really want to make a difference. At a corporate job, that just wasn’t going to happen.” 

Seeing the dramatic impact big data had on Wall Street, he thought that similar principles could be used to evaluate and improve education.

Now, through his work with starting and running LearnBop, Bharani is trying to pay it back by making sure all students have access to high quality learning experiences that will give them the opportunity to pursue their own dreams. After five years of hard work in founding and creating LearnBop, his vision has become a reality, and students are seeing real learning gains as a result of the data­driven, step­by­step approach he helped create. 

The results of a recent efficacy study that showed a 7-10 percentile point gain in student math assessments are a huge affirmation of LearnBop’s vision, and a big step toward providing all students with high quality resources for learning mathematics. 

LearnBop was co-founded by Bharani Rajakumar and Arthur Tu in 2010.

What's new?

  • → Assessments! We now have pre- and post-diagnostics that teachers can use to track individual student growth over time against the specific mathematical concepts they wish to evaluate.

With 2,000 Technology Enhanced Item types (TEI), we now have one of the biggest banks of TEIs in the world. These are new item types that students are facing on computer­-based state assessments across the country, including assessments created by the PARCC and SBAC consortiums.

  • Full K­12 content! This is exciting both because all grade levels can now benefit from LearnBop support, and still have access to resources from all previous grade levels, providing full support when it comes to learning prerequisite math concepts.

Our partnership with FuelEd

We're proud to be partners with personalized learning solutions provider Fuel Education.

“Fuel Education continually looks for new ways to support our school district partners in delivering personalized learning. As we looked for additional, innovative solutions to help build math skills during the critical middle school years, LearnBop was a clear match,” said Gregg Levin, General Manager of Fuel Education. “The LearnBop system is at the cusp of personalized learning, using a high-quality adaptive learning platform that can scale its one-to-one tutoring experience to every student for math, and potentially for other subjects in the future. We believe that by providing school districts access to LearnBop through Fuel Education’s unique technology platform, they will be better prepared to help their students achieve improved outcomes.”

“LearnBop’s partnership with Fuel Education is a natural fit, as both companies are committed to providing students with a highly personalized learning experience, and providing teachers with the data and information they need to ensure that every student succeeds,” said Bharanidharan Rajakumar, LearnBop’s Founder. “We look forward to offering FuelEd’s innovative district partners our proven automated tutoring system, and to expanding beyond math to other subjects and grade levels in the future.” 

About our authors

LearnBop's authors are award-winning educators, most of whom have over 30 years of experience in the classroom. Our authors include Presidential Awardees, a former member of the NCTM Board of Directors, and creators of assessment items for state consortiums.

Check out our Author Profiles project to learn more about our amazing authors.

Our Leadership Team

Bharani Rajakumar, CEO and Co-Founder


At an early age, Bharani recognized the inequities in educationwhile some kids received close, one-on-one instruction, others struggled in crowded classrooms with minimal teacher contact.  Looking back, he’s grateful for the education he received in high school, which enabled him to move out of the low-income neighborhood he grew up in. Though he attended a magnet school where the majority of students were below grade level, he was fortunate to be able to take part in the school's International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The opportunities he was afforded in high school allowed him to receive a strong higher education, and to pursue his dreams. Now, through his work with starting and running LearnBop, he is paying it back by making sure all students have access to personalized, high quality learning experiences that will give them the opportunity to pursue their own dreams.

Cindy Bryant, Director of Learning

Cindy_BCindy is a veteran teacher with over 30 years of experience in the classroom. She is a past member of the NCTM Board of Directors, a Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching, and the served as the Director of Missouri K – 12 Mathematics for over six years. She has presented at numerous state and national professional conferences, continues to serve on several state and national committees, and has been a guest blogger for Edutopia.

Nancy Bergfeld, Director of Content

Nancy Bergfeld is a veteran teacher with over 30 years of experience in the classroom.  She has written CCSSM assessment items for testing consortiums, and currently serves on the Executive Board of the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Sanket Alekar, Vice President of Product

SanketSanket has been extremely passionate about education and learning technologies ever since he was a TA in college. Sanket graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a focus on Data Analytics, and completed his masters at Carnegie Mellon, where LearnBop began.

Sanket lives and breathes LearnBop, and is committed to taking ideas and turning them into a reality. He has been with LearnBop since the very early days, and has been instrumental in the evolution of LearnBop into the successful product it is today. As VP of Product, Sanket is in constant communication with LearnBop users across the country to make sure that they get what they need in terms of features and support.

Alec Lazarescu, Chief Technology Officer

AlecAlec Lazarescu is a 17­-year industry veteran of the digital education domain contributing to offerings from Pearson, John Wiley & Sons, and South­Western Publishing (now part of Cengage Learning). His passion is helping people learn and work more effectively aided by technology and lean, data­driven improvement principles. He is currently CTO of LearnBop and previously served as Chief Architect at Pearson having overseen technical aspects for a number of award-winning products serving millions of students performing billions of exercises every semester. Alec is a speaker and organizer for various community events in NY and NJ, including a few years serving the energized 300+ crowd at SQLSaturday NYC.


Marissa Perry, Senior User Experience Designer

Marissa has been designing and building websites since 1996 before “blog” had even entered the public lexicon and javascript rollovers were cutting-edge technologies. Since then, she’s worked on dozens of websites for artisans and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and major non-profits. After a decade of freelance, she worked for five years as the lead designer for travelandleisure.com before joining forces as Senior User Experience Designer at LearnBop.

Fluent in front-end development, Marissa’s understanding of technology informs every creative decision she makes—to help build products as functional as they are good-looking. She’s a user-first designer, passionate about semantic code and usability standards, aiming to create meaningful experiences that are easy to navigate and hard to forget.

With a BA in English from Cornell University and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan, Marissa excels in the narrative aspects of design. All digital experiences should tell a story.  She wants to make it a really good one.