"LearnBop is a great diagnostic tool. It provides immediate feedback that allows me to differentiate instruction. But the best part is the students love it!"

— Janice Aliotti, Math Coordinator for Salinas Union High School District, CA

“LearnBop is fabulous for remediation, as it helps teachers assign the standards we are focusing on, and then track and monitor each student's progress toward those standards. Now that everything in LearnBop is aligned to the Florida standards, our assessments show specifically what students do and don't know, standard by standard.”

Read about Jackson County's district-wide adoption in THE Journal

— Missy Rogers, Math Coordinator for Jackson County, FL

"We were so pleased with the results we decided to deploy LearnBop district-wide.”

— Dr. Pamela Haimer, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for Freehold Township Public Schools, NJ

“Because every step in LearnBop’s interactive system is tagged with a specific NJ-state standard, vital data is collected while students learn. This data allows our teachers to know in real time where progress is being made against state standards. All of our students will benefit from this innovation.”

— Dr. Charlene Marchese, District Supervisor of Mathematics for Freehold Township Public Schools, NJ

“We were so pleased with our LearnBop pilot program we decided to roll it out to all our middle school students for the following school year.”

— Ms. Anne Marie Malcolm, Principal at MS 385 in Brooklyn, NY

Watch the video to see how MS 385 students used LearnBop to go from a 40% pass rate to a 96% pass rate on NY's Common Core Math Exams.


LearnBop is like another teacher in the room. It allows students to work at their own pace to learn and master different standards. Despite students starting in different places, all students work towards an end goal of being successful in math.”

— Chris Brida, Math Teacher for Baltimore City Public Schools

"The kids get very excited when they complete a Bop because they get to see how far along they are toward mastery. It’s motivating for them, and it also gives me immediate feedback."

—Lynne Mullan, Math Teacher for Freehold Township Public Schools

"LearnBop remediates students on concepts I do not have time to cover in class. It helps me monitor their progress and support them in becoming self-directed learners."

— Math Coordinator at MO Public School

"I love the interactive hints you provide for the kids. It is engaging and keeps them moving forward."

— Math Teacher for District 100, IL

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