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Both of my kids love LearnBop! It shows them how to do the problem repeatedly if needed without losing patience like mom sometimes can. I homeschool my girls and math is not my strongest subject. LearnBop has helped bring some peace to our daily schooling.

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LearnBop is a great idea with good curriculum. I enjoy the video with fun explanations. I also love the inspirational quotes on the bottom of the page.

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[My son] and his twin sister work on LearnBop on their own, without any adult supervision. We thought it would be a great way for them to refresh what they have learned in 4th grade math, so that they don't forget any of the skills over summer.

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I enjoyed being able to pick the math [my son] worked on by grade level or subject. It was easy to see how much progress he had made or where he was having problems. He was given numerous chances to get a problem right on his own before the computer said he needed the problem broken down and simplified.   Christian enjoyed working at his own pace, graphics explaining the directions, and unlocking the achievements.

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